We acquire geographic data from any viable source, be it satellite, UAV, helicopter or field survey and through unique data sharing agreements we have unparalleled access.

Alcis has developed a deep knowledge of commercial and governmental data sourcing worldwide, building extensive contacts within these sectors. Our comprehensive collection of databases provide a unique insight within our spheres of operation.

Data management
Efficient management of this data is central to Alcis's ability to deliver its clients an accurate picture of what's happening on the ground, usually over time. This includes metadata (data about data) which gives us key information about when data was collected, where, by whom, and if it's releasable.

Alcis GeoExplorer
This new web delivered data and visualisation platform puts the data in the hands of our clients. It gives them access to a range of different datasets, from traditional mapping to up-to-date imagery and thematic overlays and allows them to build their own customised geographic outputs.

Alcis Geoportal
Alcis is building an online catalogue of data holdings with comprehensive metadata. When launched, the geoportal will be open to Alcis clients to search for spatial data within our portfolio.

Field-based data collection
To have the most up-to-date data you still need people in-country. Alcis teams on the ground continuously update and sync with our databases. We liaise directly with clients, such as local government and NGOs, at the point of capture to ensure we remain on track with programme needs.

Because our data capture methods can range from helicopter recces to ground-truthing GPS coordinates, Alcis teams look to link and merge ground-based data capture and more qualitative research, with remote sensing to provide the all-important rounded picture.

Metadata standards
Alcis is adopting the European Standard (The INSPIRE Directive) to ensure data interoperability across platforms.