We use the latest technologies to ensure we deliver not only the most cost-effective solutions for our clients but also the most innovative.

We invest in research and development to harness new and emerging technologies that enable us to support our clients more efficiently. The technologies we use can be categorised as follows:

Desktop Mapping
Alcis utilises top of the range GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric software to map a wide range of spatial problems. The ArcGIS suite of products provides us with extensive analytical tools to visualise and manipulate a range of data types.

Extensions such as Spatial Analyst and Geostatistical Analyst allow for the implementation of complex statistical algorithms to tease out subtle geographic relationships between data types which are then visualised at a high professional level.

Remote Sensing and GPS
We use remote sensing to capture and make measurements of what is happening on the earth using sensors such as cameras carried on airplanes, GPS receivers, UAV's or other devices. These sensors collect data in the form of imagery that can be analysed and visualised to show change over time and trends.

Remote sensing and Photogrammetric software such as ERDAS Imagine, ENVI and iLidar give us the ability to investigate unique environmental phenomena, and extract detailed information about the relationships between these phenomena in complex environments. This generates a unique view of spatial relationships, which are then represented as bespoke mapping products.

Database Management Systems
Our systems architects have optimised our DBMS's so that we can manage our vast banks of geographic data to a high level of accuracy. We further create bespoke databases for every project we work on, this helps maintain data integrity and ensures precision when conducting analysis.

We use a combination of open source (PostGIS) and proprietary DBMS's (Oracle Spatial and ArcSDE) to ensure we leverage the most innovative and leading edge technology when managing our data holdings.