In recognition of the supportive policy Alcis takes towards employees serving in the Volunteer Reserve Forces, Her Majestys Lord Lieutenant for the Royal County of Berkshire has presented Alcis with a SaBRE Certificate of Support.


The SaBRE certificate was presented to Alcis at the formal ceremony at the Madejski Stadium in the presence of her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant for Berkshire, The Hon Mrs Mary Bayliss JP.

Alongside the major role that Reservists play in assisting Regular Forces in times of crisis or humanitarian need, the training that they regularly take part in makes them a considerable asset to Alcis. Dedicated and hard working individuals, they willingly give their own time to undertake their training commitments.

The skills they learn, such as leadership, self-confidence and the ability to perform well under pressure, are as useful in the workplace as they are in the field. Reservists are exceptionally committed individuals, after being put to the test throughout their military careers.

Their specialist training enables them to develop core skills such as teamwork, leadership, loyalty, and the ability to work under the utmost pressure.

Stella Bond, Alcis UK Office Manager and Rhys Downie, Alcis Information Technology Manager attended the ceremony and were on hand to accept the certificate. For more information on SaBRE you can go to the website here.

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