Monitoring & Evaluation

In complex environments, effective M&E requires appropriate, targeted and timely data. Alcis has been providing monitoring and evaluation services since 2004 and for each project, we apply our proven M&E processes. These are tailored to meet our clients’ needs, the environment in which they are delivered and the outcomes the project was designed to deliver.

Quantifying and measuring the success of any given programme can be a challenge, particularly when dealing with complex issues that do not necessarily have straight forward solutions, in an environment where distinguishing fact from opinion can be difficult.

For example, Alcis played a key role in designing the Helmand Monitoring and Evaluation Project, to track progress across the whole range of interventions being carried out in this turbulent province of Afghanistan.  Alcis helped design suitable indicators and measures, as well as the back-end database architecture and GIS systems by which the complex range of information was collected, stored and visualised.

Our staff often stay on, after the implementation phase, to drive the collection of data and analysis, as well as ensuring the successful presentation of results in the client’s required format, whether that be web based, hard or soft copy.