Organisational Development & Mentoring

Developing host nation capacity is, and has been, a constant element of our work since we began working in fragile environments in 2004. We provide Organisational Development & Mentoring services to support the capacity building of local staff and helping leave a positive legacy.

At Alcis we understand the importance of training and mentoring when it comes to leaving a positive, sustainable legacy in a developing region.

Our expert trainers draw on years of practical experience to provide a highly productive learning environment.  From group lectures through to one-on-one exercises, with real-world scenarios, our proven courses provide a unique level of support to develop host nation skills and capabilities.

We have built dedicated training facilities to deliver training and this approach, combined with on the job mentoring, has led to a high degree of success on our projects.

For example, Alcis was contracted by the UK Department for International Development to build the capacity of the GIS department of the Central Statistics Office in Afghanistan. Our trainers spent time within the organisation gaining a thorough understanding of specific individual technical limitations and how the senior management team wanted the department to function within the business.

Training and mentoring programmes were then designed resulting in improved day to day working practices, and an increase in the effective utilisation of the department.

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