Policy development

Alcis supports policy makers, donors, implementing partners, NGOs and international organisations to identify effective policies, implement appropriate programmes and create a positive and lasting outcome in fragile and conflict affected states.

Alcis helps policy makers by providing an objective assessment of a situation based on scientifically derived facts. This evidence base gives an unbiased and accountable understanding on which justifiable policies can be formulated. The data, processing methods and analytical techniques are the value we bring to this activity.

These outputs come in many forms, such as reports and case studies and are delivered according to the wishes of our client, who is then able to better make judgements and resolutions when designing changes.

An example of a recent project was when Alcis carried out the analysis of livelihoods and agricultural diversity within the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.  The evidence delivered by Alcis helped support the US Department of Defence's development of policy and strategy and shaped their approach to interventions within the province.