Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (GEFA)

In August 2012, Alcis was awarded a position on the new DfID framework, entitled the Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (GEFA) which will remain in place for a minimum of two years.

The GEFA framework's objective is to evaluate the performance of DFID's programmes. It aims to evaluate impact by measuring against the desired effect; the impact on the local population; the value of the work; and the cost effectiveness of it.

Evaluations will take place across the full range of development themes such as:
- Conflict
- Influencing and relationships
- Capacity building
- Infrastructure

Alcis will use a variety of analysis techniques such as:
- Quantitative
- Qualitative
- Mixed methods
- Thematic/Sectoral
- Theory of Change

Alcis being selected for the GEFA framework is further confirmation of the unique geographical services that Alcis provide and have continuously delivered to clients in fragile environments worldwide, since the company was founded in 2004.

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